Vehicle Finance

Most businesses use some kind of vehicles. But they may not always be used to the best financial advantage of the company itself.

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Change Finance & Leasing will tailor a suitable vehicle package geared to meet with your specific requirements – whether it involves one car or an entire fleet.

Hire Purchase

Ideal for companies who either wish to utilise equity in their existing vehicles or pay a cash deposit toward their next transaction. A cash deposit allows you to match your monthly repayment precisely to your budget. When all of the repayments have been made, the vehicle is yours.

Lease Purchase

The benefits of lease purchase – and the ultimate ownership – are identical to those of Hire Purchase. The only difference is the deposit, which is expressed as a rental rather than a cash payment. In effect, Lease Purchase offers a reduced initial outlay and an improved cash flow when compared with Hire Purchase.

Finance Lease

With Finance Lease, as with any leasing agreement, you enjoy the use of the asset whilst never actually owning it.

Accelerated tax allowances are available when leasing. However, dependent upon the cost of the vehicle, tax allowances may be forfeit depending on Government legislation regarding the taxation threshold imposed on cars.

Contract Hire

Vehicles are hired for a fixed cost over an agreed time period. This comprehensive fixed cost vehicle funding facility has the additional advantage of being “off balance sheet” – which therefore improves gearing and other performance-related ratios.